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by Ben "BenQQ" Harrison


Art magnets stay displayed longer than any others. You can easily refresh them with different images as well as your your customized words at low cost. This keeps you alive in the minds of your people as well as in easy reach. Use then personally or in business, casual or professional.

Order the free sample here. Once you see the clean quality and terrific background images, you see multiple uses for them. You can design your art magnets for any purpose around any image available in my library. Art magnets are full metal magnetic with slick mylar covering. No minimums, so you can hand them out to customers, order enough to give at events or just give as a personal memento to friends. Check out our art magnet page at

Have we photographed your event? Check your proof sheet to see if any hi-res images might make a great template for your art magnet...BenQQ


Hey! I'm now taking portraits for dating sites. One is that is now just in development. I don't show actual personal pictures but you can see a wide variety of styles on my "Casual Collection" here.

casual connection dating images

Signature hi resolution photography -Editorial, Events, Weddings, Portraits-
Hand processing (HP) for enhancement and to your specifications;
For events: one free 8x10 HP print;
Get your hi-res files online via Dropbox

Background notes (Click "BenQQ" below)
Published nationally;
Right out of college: documentary photographer/videographer on/for American Indian lands;
MA, film, then worked in Hollywood on various doc and ent projects- Cinematography- Panavision example Worked in Washington, DC as a videographer, photographer, writer for organizations;
Re-established base out of Memphis and produced docs, music videos and photography projects as they come my 310.839-6964 Models, hi-res comp builds digital and print

some recent shots... The Mermaids are out! It must be summer! Check your pools and these photos of mermaid performers. Click the pic to visit their site.

Elvis at the spring Heart of Memphis event


My novel of generational revenge set in Memphis and Mississippi. Click pic for slice. Email me for publishing info.

What's Doin' Memphis?! is a free program for capturing special events Email me with any requests/questions. Association for Women Attorneys Annual Banquet Click the pic to see pictures. contact me re your event

Beale Street New Year's Eve

Waiting for Spring Best Seller Info about ordering signed framed print

Model promos, comps and calls Send email to receive free model call announcements

Nuclear Surfer--check out my music video of this Memphis artist. Cinematography, editing in LA.











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